rational skeptic who espouses secular humanist values.

Studied Russia in graduate school.

Red wine lover.





I prefer to remain a level of anonymity because there are still many–too many–who agree with former President George H. W. Bush, who once said, “I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.”  Some have gone further than to deny atheists rights of citizenship, but also their right to life.  Fortunately, such examples are few and far between, but the underlying prejudice is widespread.

We live in a world where mystical, faith-based thinking too broadly influences our collective affairs.  I care not what creeds you live by, but believers have demonstrated an unfortunate habit of forcing the rest of us to live by theirs too.   This is not merely unjust, but also inhibitive and ultimately dangerous to our common welfare.  So I contend against faith-based belief, and promote the virtues of rational skepticism and secular humanism, which to me have proven their worth time and again.

I hope not to give the impression this is my life’s misson, or that I have a mission at all.  While striving for something helps gives our lives meaning, life itself strikes me as too grand to be consumed by a single focus.  To me, it’s an exploration, a vast expanse through which we make our way as best we can.

Welcome to a part of my journey.