Oh noes! My religion has been mocked!

When it comes to religion, one treads from the calm pools of reason to the dangerous currents of high emotion.  It seems that some religious beliefs are so fiercely held, that to challenge them invites an almost primal response.  We’re all very familiar with the massive and violent demonstrations in the Muslim world at any real or perceived slight of the Qu’ran or Muhammad.  Many in the west are appalled such displays, but, apparently, only because it’s not their religion that’s being disparaged.  When a college student absconded with a  Eucharist wafer, for example, it earned him instant Catholic vilification and calls to kick him out of school.

I was reminded recently of this tendency toward emotional overreaction, abeit on a milder scale, when chancing upon a recent blog entry from a Christian remarking on an atheist “de-baptism”.  It seems some atheists are marking their deconversion from Christianity by having themselves blowdried, a mocking counterpoint to baptism’s immersion in water to signify the washing away of “sins”.  This Christian found the event “sad,” “sarcastic,” “insipid,” and “uninspiring” because “baptism is a statement and commitment to humility, growth and change. The de-baptism…is simply about declaring ‘unfaith'”.

This is the religious myopic mind at work, which categorizes all its sacred practices and beliefs as “good,” and, therefore, every other practice or belief as automatically “bad.”  The real point of the event was ignored on this Christian, which was to bring atheists out of the closet and demonstrate to politicians that we are voters too.

You see, the religious mind allows no possibility that its cherished beliefs may be false.  The entertaining of such a notion is even held to be evidence of the devil’s influence and a sinful demonstration of one’s lack of faith.  This is why even the most innocuous expressions of mockery toward religion are met with disproportionate outrage and disdain.  All religious followers may not be so dogmatic, but the teachings of the major religions logically lead to absolutist, albeit incompatible, paradigms.  This fact explains religion’s tendency to fracture, even within sects, and the concordant violence which periodically erupts among them (Catholic vs. Protestant, Sunni vs. Shia, etc.).  If you believe you hold The Divine Truth, it follows anyone who disagrees is “evil”.

4 thoughts on “Oh noes! My religion has been mocked!

  1. “”religious mind allows no possibility that its cherished beliefs may be false.”

    My take on this.
    Steal a dollar from one who has millions, I have taken very little. But. Steal a dollar from one who has ony One Dollar, I have taken everything.
    A spiritualy rich person does not need to fight and haggle over some precious crumb of truth, He has it all, the whole loaf, the whole store full
    If fact he has so much truth that he is giving it away to anyone who will care to have it. Now who am I to around robbing poor people Blind, by taking away thier faith.
    To admit your wrong when being right is the only thing that gives your life meaning, is to admit you are poor. Aint gonna happen for a lot of us, is it? Its not till the individual finds something better, that he will change.
    Once I was so full of my own purity, it made me pysicaly sick. Today I am a student. Im not at war with anyone, just looking for ways to get healthier
    I remind myself of the Sheep and The Shepard. The sheep follow the shepard wherever he lead them, hopefuly to greener pastures, but sometimes it is to slaughter. Evil is the opposite of Live. If it is going to cause suffering, pain, discomfort and death it is pobably evil.
    But still more to the point, who am I to go around robbing poor people?

  2. “”Good question Paul, but how can we decide who’s rich and who’s poor?”

    Well my take on this again. My 2 cents worth to say is. This is my own understanding and nothing more than how I see things at this point in my life

    There are different types poverty.
    1.Poor spiritual condition.Sometimes i just cant seem to get any drive to do anything good for myself or others. There are evil spirits, holy spirits, spirit of adventure, spirit of brotherhood, spirit of mischeif, spirit of conflict, spirit of scientific inquiry, ect. Driven by these forces I can either enrich or destroy my life.
    2. Poor pysical health.
    3. Poorly educated
    4. Poor social skills( relationships)
    5. Poor attitude towards -people -places- things
    6. Poor outlook
    7. Poor Judgement
    8. Poor communication skills
    9. and so on
    Poor financial condition is probably the least important, because it is how I feel inside that make me poor, Not the gold I am covered with.
    Best I need to clean up my side of the street first and then share what I have ( not money in particular) but wisdom and support, to those who would have it. I cant force anything on anyone.
    And I remind myself that I cant give what I dont have.

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