So science confirms your holy book, eh?

You often hear believers claim that scientific discoveries are completely compatible with their religion’s scriptures, if not indeed wholly anticipated by them.  This is alleged to be proof of these scriptures’ supernatural influence.  A few examples: – The Bible is not a science book, yet it is scientifically accurate. We are not aware of any scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible.,,Many [scientific facts] were listed in the Bible hundreds or even thousands of years before being recorded elsewhere. – In Islam, there is no conflict between faith in God and modern scientific knowledge.  Indeed, for many centuries during the Middle Ages, Muslims led the world in scientific inquiry and exploration.  The Qur’an itself, revealed 14 centuries ago, is filled with scientific facts and imagery that are supported by modern findings. – The truly amazing thing about most of these refutations to the critics is that the majority of these facts were not known to scientists, much less to Joseph Smith, in 1829 when the Book of Mormon was translated. Thus, many of the criticisms become, in light of recent scientific discoveries, proofs!

Of course, if there is one supreme omniscient being, then all of these claims can’t be true at the same time since the holy books indisputably contradict each other—a plain fact that each religious tradition is well-aware of.  Thus, each spends as much time, if not more, debunking the others’ claims as it does defending its own.  For instance, some of the best work demonstrating the utter fallibility of the Book of Mormon comes not from skeptical sources but from Christian ones.  The one thing every religious tradition has in common, however, is a failure to acknowledge the completely ad hoc nature of its claims.   The pattern is as predictable as it is regular.  First comes the scientific discovery, followed by obstinate rejection, then grudging acknowledgement, and finally, once the evidence is overwhelming, its reception as affirming what scripture had been saying all along.  (Needless to say, some don’t even get beyond the first step).

Naturally, skeptics such as myself say it’s all bunk, and to prove it, I’m going to issue a challenge. Believer, since you say that science merely confirms what your holy book has long already said, the inevitable corollary is that it also contains scientific knowledge which has not yet been discovered.  Therefore, believer, your task is easy: rather than claim scientific validation after the fact, tell us something new that science has not yet spoken on, and which can subsequently be validated by science. 

This has never happened, and I predict it will never happen, because in reality the believer’s method is to scour scripture for any possible reference to a scientific truth after its established, and then say – Orwell-like – it was foretold by scripture all along, while quietly shuffling disconfirming scriptures or past beliefs under the rug.  It’s a foolproof method!  For example, if the universe was found to have fixed boundaries rather than continually expanding, Christians, at least, would undoubtedly have pointed to the Bible and said “I told you so!

Believers, I accept your gratitude in advance for coming up with a way for you to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt the divine origin of your theology not only to, atheists like myself, but to the misguided believers of every other religion. 🙂

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  1. “Therefore, believer, your task is easy: rather than claim scientific validation after the fact, tell us something new that science has not yet spoken on, and which can subsequently be validated by science.”

    We can look at history for answers to your questions. The Bible documented that the universe came into being at a point in time, a la the Big Bang. Just a coin flip guess, of course ;-), since it either came into being at a point in time or it eternally existed. Just luck . . .

    Then there is the multiple notations that the vastness of the number of stars is akin to the vastness of the grains of sand in the sea. But the ancients thought there were only ~1,100 stars. Why make the comparison of the quantity of stars to sand when the grains of sand on just one beach are many, many times 1,100. Just another lucky guess by Moses!

  2. I can’t speak for other religions but the bible expects faith, a belief in something that you cannot see or verify. I can identify with your skepticism, had I not entered into the kingdom at an early age I probably would not have entered in now, the first step is, which one is the right one to believe? Undoubtedly, taking no beliefs might be better than taking the wrong belief in the spiritual rhealm, say you believe in Ra, the god of the egyptians long ago, then you enter into the spirit rhealm and Jesus is there waiting for you. However, being of middle age now there are truths beyond the holy book of the bible that keeps me in belief, such as that the bible has been a guide during life, bringing me closer and closer to my father. The notion that we are children of GOD, consider that. There are soo many occurances to be random, such as hearing messages from pastors that seem tailor made to your exact questions or needs, considering that it might be better to die then live with the hardship of a divorce and almost being hit by a train, with the almost voice, “I could take you now if you’d like my son”. Praise God, I feel closer to him every day, and I know when I pray that he hears me, and he answers my prayer. My God be Glorified.

    As far as your challenge, even if I could show you some scientific proof which has not been scientifically discovered, then how would you know, science hasn’t discovered it yet, duh. Also, if you don’t believe then the bible shows God may be hardeneing your heart. I’d highly recommend you read for yourself, for faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. For man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. For the bible was not written through mans ideas, but through divinely inspired prophets of God.

  3. As for your challenge… as it has been pointed out before, you will not know if what you are told is true since science wont have known it yet so lets look at what hasssss been proven already when science said it didnt exist. Found by archeologists, a branch of science—-not religion, tower of babel, sodom, gamorah! Obviously you can not prove it is the real ones since there are no living witnesses or street signs like on our highways…..but when you find the city to the right demensions and in the same place as the bible said with traces of ash when the bible swaid iwas struck by fire and briim stone (which would leave ash) it tends to prove that science was wrong for hundreds of years. It also shows that science confirmed what RELIGION had been saying all along for 3 THOUSAND years. Proof?? NO! But science has very little proof of anything, it is defenitely EVIDENCE iin support of religion and contradicting science. Why do i give it credit for being true?? It was found and presented by science, not religion! The ONLY constant in science is tha it keeps correcting itself, religion has yet to!,2933,343674,00.html

    keep in mind, science always asks religion for “proof” yet science hardly has any proof themselves Science is a system based on observation, scientific tests and evidence. NOT a system of proof. It wants to present evidence to justify itself but asks for the impossible in the form of PROOF of religion? Religions claim to be baased on faith, not proof! Want proof? then prove they are wrong, prove god doesnt exist. I met your challenge with scientific evidence, meet mine! Prove god doesnt exist. Key word beign prove. and i also thank you ij advance for your proof.

  4. also further evidence is how it already answers your questions, thousands of years before you ask it! How is that not proof”? PROVE THERE IS A GOD!…The bible says very clearly, “thou shalt not test thy god!” How come when i save yoru childs life i the hospital you dont call ME god? “the lord works in mysterious ways” but if you want a white hot diamond right between the eyes……”at first there was nothing, thenGod said “let there be LIGHT” and behold the light separated the darkness from the heavens…blah blah” right??? What does science say?? at first there was nothing..then there was a BIG BANG and im almost cetain “there was light that separated the darkness from the heavens” when that explosion took place, correct? ..or is that not he big bang theory? Again, these are things said over 3000 years ago and science has just recently said it themselves.

  5. “This has never happened, and I predict it will never happen, because in reality the believer’s method is to scour scripture for any possible reference to a scientific truth after its established”

    i predict this is teh method you will use to TRY and “debunk” the evidence set before you. but one thing you cant possibly even clam to try and denounce is that religion said this 3000 years before sceince even thought it. you can not take credit even for the big bang as i described…..the bible said..god said “let there be light and the light separated the darkness from the heavens and the heavens were created in that instant”…aside from god saying it, science says it is exactly how the “big bang” works! 3000 years ago (religion), versus 150 years (science)!

  6. You state, “…the holy books indisputably contradict each other.”
    Excuse me, but being a Christian, I don’t accept Islam or Mormonism as being holy.
    You should not put the Bible in the same basket as these counterfeits.
    Christianity is the only religion whose founder was crucified for claiming to be the Son of God, and rose from the dead to redeem His people from their sins. Even historians agree this to be true.
    Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Hi Bob! My argument doesn’t depend on your acceptance of other revered books as “holy”. I recommend you read the blog more closely and then take on the challenge I’ve made – if you can.

      By the way, Christianity’s claims are not all that unique (other religions have claimed “sons of god”), and even if they were, it doesn’t make them true. Also, historians don’t agree that Christianity’s theology is true. You would benefit from some additional investigation from non-Christian sources.

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