This Blog’s Purpose

Humans are quintessentially social animals, and the Internet offers opportunities for interaction never before experienced in our history. Since 1993 I’ve traversed this new medium, in countless ways, variously exploring new ground or remaining within my favorite haunts.  The net is inherently a part of me.  It connects me to the world.  It makes humanity a little larger than it has ever been, and I feel I’m contributing a small part to this positive development.

I love discussion, but have never been very good at thinking off-the-cuff.  I need time to collect, consider, and express my thoughts.  The web is thus an ideal platform for me, and I’ve made continual use of it, from Usenet, to discussion boards, to blogs.  Discussion of this type offers an ideal way to expand my knowledge, to interact, and yes, sometimes to simply sound off.

This blog will be my soapbox.  Readers will not be treated to a single topic, but a diversity.  You may not agree with my opinions, but if you challenge them (and I hope you will), be prepared for a spirited and informed debate.

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