My irony meter just broke

There was a chuckle-filled article in the LA Times recently about desperate home sellers burying miniature statues of St. Joseph in their yards to encourage divine aid.  The practice, which has grown so popular now that there’s actually a “kit” (in two languages, no less), apparently has roots in medieval times, and was revived by nuns in the 90s.  The typical religious lunacy abounds, but the best howler has to be this:

Father Pat Lee, lead pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Chicago, regularly pleads with anxious parishioners to pray for divine aid — not to bury their church’s namesake in the dirt. When a nearby religious goods store started carrying the St. Joseph kits, he chastised the staff for encouraging “a ridiculous superstition.”


According to the good Father, it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that uttering a few magic words over some bread and wine transforms, er, sorry…”transubstantiates” them into the actual body and blood of Christ Jesus.  But believing that burying the figurine of a saint in your front yard will help sell your home?  “Ridiculous superstition”!


2 thoughts on “My irony meter just broke

  1. Really! The sad thing is, these guys are completely blind to the irony!

    Glad you like the new look. Gonna tweak it just a tad more, since I’m such the individualist :b

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