Why do Christians want to save America?

One of the perennial laments of today’s Christians, particularly those on the right, is the decline of society.  Secular liberals, they say, are whitewashing America’s Christian heritage, taking God out of schools, and imbuing children with moral relativist values.  The results are inevitable: violence, drug use, abortion, failed families, and tolerance.  And when I say inevitable, I mean it.  Many Christians believe this was all foreseen in the Bible.

Now you’d think that Christians would be absolutely delighted to see the world fall apart.  Not only would that confirm what they’ve been saying about man’s inherent depravity, but it heralds the last days before Jesus’s return to restore Truth, Justice, and Apple Pie.  Or something like that.  Hallelujah, right?

Not so fast!  Christians aren’t pleased.  In fact, they’re downright indignant that this “Christian nation” has turned its back on God.  And, by gum, they’re not standing for it.  From scrapping evolution to banning gay marriage, Christians today are fighting to restore Christian values back to the centerpiece of public life. 

Well, pardon me for asking, but why?  Even if you do accomplish all that you seek to do, what’s the intended result?  A postponement of Armageddon?  Jesus didn’t say, “If you’re really, really good, maybe I’ll show back up.”  No!  He said, “Things are going to get really bad, and THEN (and only then) will I make an encore appearance.”

Look guys, face the music, the world is lost.  It’s done for.  It has a one way ticket to oblivion.  The only unknown is the timing, which you have absolutely no control over (God’s Plan, remember?).  Might I suggest simply hunkering down?  You know, try that whole “in the world, but not of it” tactic you say you follow.  What’s the point in forcing others to adhere to God’s law?  Preach the Gospel, and move on already.  It seems you have enough of a hard time following your own rules for you to be worrying about what everyone else is doing.

2 thoughts on “Why do Christians want to save America?

  1. I’ve often found this puzzling, too, because I have a number of “Premillinial Dispensationalist” friends who act exactly as you describe. There is no point in trying to exact social change if the moral decline of the world will actually usher in Christ’s return.

    However, you should note that not all Christians, or even most evangelical Christians hold this view. Many of us see the world as worthy of redemption, and that we will usher in the return of Christ by re-making the world in his image. While personally, I don’t hold to Reformed Theology, this is the general approach of the Reformed Church.

    I will admit, though, that I don’t believe that I have any ability to make people more moral, least of all by changing laws to make them behave properly. The Gospel of Jesus is above all a personal truth, and instead of trying to outlaw abortion and pornography, maybe I as a Christian could better spend my time sharing the solution to those social ills: the person of Christ.

    So, I think, in many ways, I entirely agree with you!

  2. Believers are salt and light. We enjoy a nice fresh meal and can see clearly, and leave a rotten, spoiled trash pile for future generations to scavenge around in, in the dark?

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